21 Window Distillery is a premier craft distillery located in Spokane WA, dedicated to making exceptional, handcrafted spirits from Washington States Apples. 21 Window makes hand-distilled, high-quality spirits from the finest locally sourced Washington produce. Our unique spirits all start with a fermented apple cider base and are uniquely distilled into apple-based Gin, Vodka and Apple Jack (whiskey). 21 Window is a true hand-distilled operation. Our entire small-batch distillery process, from fermenting our apple cider base to bottling our unique spirits is done by hand, by a single distiller who is passionate about creating superior products.

Vodka- Crisp and clean with a slight apple hint on the nose with an exceptionally smooth finish. 21 Window is a smooth elevation from the other astringent vodka currently on the market.  Come taste the difference.

Smoked Vodka- A one of a kind Vodka exclusively created by 21 Window Distillery. Our exceptional Vodka is cold-smoked with cherrywood and mesquite to give a distinct flavor profile of smokey smoothness that adds a unique dimension to craft cocktails. 21 Window’s Smoked Vodka will be your new favorite in Bloody Mary’s and Martini’s.

Gin- A new American style gin that has been making waves in Spokane’s best restaurants and bars.  This extraordinary gin is light and refreshing, with well-balanced botanicals that are appealing to even the purest of gin drinkers. Try it today and become a 21 Window Gin convert.

AppleJack- 21 Window Distillery is one of a few distilleries in the country that will be producing Apple Jack. Enjoy one of Washington’s most beloved crops in a new but very exciting beverage.  Enjoy it neat, mixed in your favorite craft cocktail or mixed with one of the region’s fantastic Cider’s. To Quote a recent Yelp reviewer, "It is like Whiskey meets Brandy meet Cider meets Happiness!"  -Thanks for the kind words Mikayla

Please schedule a tasting appointment to try these fantastic products.